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bambiwithlove asked: I love your cause and I would donate if I had the money, I honestly would. But I can't even buy clothes and things, which is why I look for things like this. I hope people who can donate will, you are doing a great thing :]

Thank you! Its much easier to donate $5 for shipping than $30 for 3 new shirts!

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tabithaaasenff asked: I think that this is a great idea but maybe you should make it so that they pay for shipping because it's costing you a lot.

I agree! Thank you so much for your support! Your donations are very helpful!

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letmalikyourpaynisxx asked: Yeah, I completely understand. This one guy I follow on my main blog just asked his followers to donate money to him so he could buy an iphone...he got like over $300.

Thats great! I wish I had that kind of following, I would love to use the donations for other great causes!

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All donations go to cover the cost of shipping and handling.

Nothing goes back into my pocket.

All donations are used to benefit you and others like you!

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letmalikyourpaynisxx asked: Hello! I love this blog. Its a great idea. I just have a question. I'm going through college now and I'm having the hardest time paying my tuition. Like, I've literally broken down a few times because I was just sure I would have to drop out. I don't know what else to do. I'm working two jobs, but there's only so much getting paid minimum wage can do ya know? So (this message might run long so I'll send the rest in a second message) my question is, do you think I could start up a blog like this?

I’m right there with you. I think you could do it! My suggestion is to only send small items. Right now I’m funding this by myself. And it’s expensive.

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tabithaaasenff asked: Hey! I just donated! Sorry it's not a lot if I like anything else I will donate more! Thank you for everything this is really so sweet of you! :)

Thank you! Anything and everything helps!